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Bucket Container 10000 cc
Fold Top 500 cc
Fold Top 750 cc
Fold Top 1000 cc
Paper Container 230 cc
Paper Container 430 cc

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Solem was founded in 2013 as a packaging company with our manufacturing activities for food and non-food industry to our clients with wide range products. We can offer many kind of paper and plastic packaging solutions to our clients. Solem offers innovations and high quality packaging products. As the company is also raw material importer the competitive price is presented to our clients with effective lead time. The company is the manufacturer of plastic and paper packaging solutions. In that point, Solem is presenting huge range for packaging solutions. The main theme formation of the company is to follow up national and international standard closely without compromising. Solem is performing continuous self-renewal and current technological developments.



“Trump Towers Kule, 2. Kat, no: 18, Mecediyeköy, Şişli, İstanbul, Turkey”

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“Turan Bugra TIMUROGLU”


“+90 212 306 32 27”

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